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Bitcratic is 2 year old Decentralized Exchange All transactions are done through Smart contract on Ethereum Blockchain, Bitcratic use off-chain orderbook with on-chain settlement. Currently Ranking on no 10th Postion as per https://etherscan.io/stat/dextracker. More than 200 Tokens are traded here


The majority of the operations are being handled directly on the blockchain. Most importantly, a trader never has to let go of the ownership of their tokens, enabling the whole system to deal with money transfers and execute trades in a trustless manner. Bitcratic Advantages

Funds are kept in Smart contract linked to the users account; therefore the user is the only person who has access of funds. That makes a Bitcratic more resistant to hacking than a centralized exchange.

Bitcratic operates through a variety of nodes, so there is no server which can go down or get hacked.

Bitcratic provides a higher degree of privacy, because there is no data shared with the exchange operator.

The users keep control of their funds in their own account.