Company Profile

We are team who believe crypto industry need to adopt more decentralized systems. Presently the crypto is more relying on centralized Systems/exchanges. There is a central node controlling virtually everything, which doesn’t make interactions feel secure and transparent transactions. Analyzed Media work with a vision to develop systems to compete centralized systems and provide people with decentralized options.

Our recent projects on which we are working are:

  • Bitcratic
  • CoinMarketPlus


Bitcratic is a semi decentralized exchange for ERC20 tokens. The majority of the operations are being handled directly on the blockchain. Trader never has to let go of the ownership of their tokens, enabling the whole system to deal with money transfers and execute trades in a trustless manner. Bitcratic use off-chain order book with On-chain settlement.


CoinMarketPlus is a popular ICO listing and rating website where users get a precise idea about upcoming and live Initial Coin Offering. At our expert team read all ICOs whitepapers, check their team member’s profile, check their past achievements, compare their ICO with competitors, evaluate total supply and calculate per unit price and come up with ICO rating.